Red telephone receiver and yellow telephone directory.  Handwritten note circled in red 'May All Your Names Be Forgotten'
Red telephone receiver and yellow telephone directory.


Smart, youthful, self-assured Danny - a seasoned ‘closer’ in the directory game - sets up his new company. Fast, easy-money from people too caught up in their own bureaucratic nightmares to escape falling prey to the fast-talkers.

He puts together a team of raw recruits, new to the hustle, and its game-on. All goes well. Danny, the eternal drifter, finds a romantic set-up that suits and starts to think about settling down.

However, Danny’s south London start-up begins to attract the wrong sort of attention - the local gangland factions and the law. Closer extraordinaire, Ewan – friend, cash-cow and outrageous party-animal is also out of control. Danny’s grip on business starts to unravel as his inexperienced team – keen to impress and hungry for money - push one of the targets too far, setting in motion a chain of events that threaten to blow the whole thing apart.

Danny quickly moves into survival mode, juggling his new found loyalties with long standing allegiances, and growing paranoia.

Business, team, money, friends and lovers – Danny races to play all the angles before his ability to ‘disappear’ with all the spoils is lost forever.

"The game has changed... has made personal details easier to obtain and the Data Protection Act is no guarantee of protection.  Businesses are less the target now - integrated systems and instant recall.  Mr & Mrs Bloggs just sitting down to tea are more likely the targets today.  A plausible script, a friendly voice, and an offer too good to miss. You have been warned."

Fast moving with touches of inky black humour and tragedy...